our purpose

With current commodity prices – we can no longer think we are either wool or meat producers but are both. Pooginook is a dual-purpose Merino and Poll stud, producing over 3000 rams annually. Combining over 80 years of breeding, DNA genomics, AI programs and much more, our sheep are a balanced approach to achieve optimal performance.

stud direction

We are combining visual and ASBV classing to breed a dual-purpose merino that is profitable, ethical and can handle multiple climates. Our breeding objective is focussing around the following:

  • Ewe efficiency: Provides high fertility and doing ability whilst optimising high wool production and adult body weight 

  • Fast growth: Provides options for clients to turn off more lambs earlier and join ewe lambs

  • Elite wools: To maintain our existing lifetime production of high-quality wool that can handle varied climates

  • Plain breeches: To breed a robust fly strike resilient animal that requires no modification to the breech